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We accompany you on your journey from career changer to sales professional, from couch potato to street fox, from chaotic person to do-gooder, from Charlie Brown to Batman. Our training courses and workshops have a specific goal: to recognise your strengths and work to maximise your authenticity. Because we know the secret of successful ACTION: if we have aroused your interest, let's work on your concept of success.



Our training programme

Even today, many training courses are still based on the simple sender-receiver model: one person speaks and acts, everyone else listens and follows suit. Does this fit in our complex world of networked thinking and action? We clearly say NO, and that is why KENSINGTON ACADEMY is based on the EDUTRAINMENT principle: Education - Training - Entertainment.


We set clear and realistic learning objectives for each course and know how to impart knowledge and skills in a limited time to lead to success.


Like sports coaches, we don't beat around the bush, but provide brief, clear and understandable feedback on exercises and participant interactions at our events. We design the exercises in a way that also conveys the learning objectives.


Positive emotions are the catalyst for successful learning. That is why humour and entertainment are important to us, as long as they are conducive to the goal and success of learning.

Together we will discover your strengths
strengths and how we can
develop them further.

Nicole Kistner
Director of the KENSINGTON Academy


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Gender policy

At KENSINGTON Finest Properties we respect the individuality and diversity of our customers and employees. We use the generic masculine in our communications, not as an expression of gender bias, but as a simplified form of language. We want to emphasise that we respect people regardless of gender and that the use of the generic masculine in no way diminishes the importance or value of other gender identities. Our choice of this form of language reflects our desire for clarity and comprehensibility in our communication, while promoting and defending the equality and dignity of all people.